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  • Yoichi Funabashi

    Yoichi Funabashi 船橋洋一

    Yoichi Funabashi (1944–) was born in Beijing during World War II, and repatriated to Japan with his family in 1946. He graduated from the University of Tokyo College of Arts and Sciences and … Details

  • Yoichi Funado

    Yoichi Funado 船戸与一

    Yoichi Funado  (1944–2015) is a leading Japanese writer of adventure fiction. A member of his university's adventure club, he traveled to Alaska during his student days, producing a nonfiction record of his journey. He … Details

  • Yoshihiko Funazaki

    Yoshihiko Funazaki (1945–) was born in Tokyo. A novelist, poet, and illustrator, he teaches at Shirayuri College, and is known for playful works that blend fantasy with botany. His books for young readers … Details

  • Kayoko Furiya

    Kayoko Furiya ふりやかよこ

    Kayoko Furiya (1946-) was born in Yamaguchi Prefecture and graduated from the Oita Prefectural College of Arts and Culture with a degree in oil painting. Among her best-known picture-book titles are Bāchan mama no natsu-yasumi … Details

  • Yoshikichi Furui

    Yoshikichi Furui 古井由吉

    Yoshikichi Furui (1937–) was born in Tokyo and graduated from the University of Tokyo with a major in German literature. While teaching at Kanazawa University, he translated the Austrian writers Robert Musil and … Details

  • Hideo Furukawa

    Hideo Furukawa 古川日出男

    Hideo Furukawa (1966–) is hailed by many in Japan’s literary world as a prodigy worthy of inheriting the mantle of Haruki Murakami. While Furukawa has produced an homage to Murakami in the form … Details

  • Taruhi Furuta

    Taruhi Furuta 古田足日

    Taruhi Furuta  (1927–2014) was born in Ehime Prefecture on the island of Shikoku, the son of a Japanese literature scholar. He has been active as both an author and a critic of children's literature … Details

  • Sokyū Genyū

    Sokyū Genyū 玄侑宗久

    Sokyū Genyū (1956–) is a Zen Buddhist monk from Fukushima Prefecture. He continues to serve as head priest of a temple while also pursuing his writing career. Born the eldest son in a … Details

  • Tarō Gomi

    Tarō Gomi 五味太郎

    Tarō Gomi (1945–) was born in Tokyo. After graduating from design school, he did stints as both an industrial and an editorial designer before becoming a picture-book author. He has produced some 450 … Details

  • Ryuji Goto

    Ryuji Goto 後藤竜二

    Ryuji Goto  (1943–2010) was born in Hokkaido. He began his career writing for children in 1967 with Tenshi de daichi wa ippai da (The Earth Is Full of Angels), which he had written while … Details

  • Meisei Goto

    Meisei Goto 後藤明生

    Meisei Goto  (1932–1999) was born in North Korea, but while in middle school he fled with his family to Kyushu, Japan. He studied Russian literature at Waseda University, devoting himself to reading Gogol. After … Details

  • Kenji Gotō

    Kenji Gotō 後藤健二

    Kenji Gotō (1967–2015) was born in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture. After college he began his career working for a television production company before launching his own video journalism venture, Independent Press, in 1996. He … Details

  • Hideki Gotoh

    Hideki Gotoh 後藤秀機

    Hideki Gotoh (1943–) grew up in Tokyo and graduated from the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Waseda University. After completing his graduate program in the Department of Nuclear Engineering at the Tokyo … Details

  • Michael Grejniec

    Michael Grejniec マイケル グレイニエツ

    Michael Grejniec (1955–) was born in Poland. Working as an illustrator in Europe, he produced posters for theater, film, and anime before becoming a picture-book author. In 1985 he moved to the United … Details

  • Mimi Hachikai

    Mimi Hachikai 蜂飼耳

    Mimi Hachikai (1974–) was born in Kanagawa Prefecture and completed a master’s degree in literature at Waseda University. She is a poet who also writes fiction, essays, and children’s stories. In 2000 she … Details

  • Keisuke Hada

    Keisuke Hada 羽田圭介

    Keisuke Hada (1985–) was born in Tokyo. He made his literary debut in 2003 while still in high school, after winning the Bungei Prize for Kokureisui (Black Ice Water), a story about bad … Details

  • Nobuhiko Haijima

    Nobuhiko Haijima はいじまのぶひこ

    Nobuhiko Haijima (1970–) was born in Tokyo and graduated from Tokyo Zokei University in 1996. Since then he has shown his artwork in frequent solo and group exhibitions. His works are also in … Details

  • Kenjiro Haitani

    Kenjiro Haitani 灰谷健次郎

    Kenjiro Haitani (1934–2006)  was born in Kobe. After graduating from the Osaka University of Arts he worked as a grade-school teacher for 17 years, and during this period helped edit the children's poetry magazine … Details

  • Keiko Hamada

    Keiko Hamada 浜田桂子

    Keiko Hamada (1947–) was born in Saitama Prefecture. After graduating from Kuwasawa Design School, she worked at the Ikkō Tanaka Design Office for a time before she began creating books for children. Some … Details

  • Naota Hamaguchi

    Naota Hamaguchi 浜口直太

    Naota Hamaguchi (1960–) is CEO of JCI, Inc. He graduated from the Soka University Faculty of Business Administration in Japan, before earning a Master of Science in Management and Administrative Sciences from the … Details