Hiroyuki Agawa

Hiroyuki Agawa 阿川弘之

Hiroyuki Agawa (1920–2015)  was born in Hiroshima Prefecture, and graduated with a degree in Japanese literature from Tokyo Imperial University (now the University of Tokyo). Entering the navy’s reserve officer program, he was eventually deployed to China, where he served until the end of World War II. He became a fiction writer after the war, mentored by the novelist Naoya Shiga, and has produced scores of novels, short stories, and works of criticism, winning numerous awards along the way. A dedicated rail enthusiast, he has written travelogues as well, and his works for children include Kikansha Yaemon (Yaemon the Locomotive) and the picture book Nakayoshi tokkyu (Friendly Express Trains; 1960 Sankei Children’s Book Award). He is also the translator of Graham Greene’s The Little Train and its companion volumes.

Books by Hiroyuki Agawa
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    Yaemon the Locomotive

    A small country town on a remote rail line is served by an old steam locomotive named Yaemon, which shuttles its aging passenger coaches back and forth to the nearest big city. One day when Yaemon gets to the city, some electric locomotives make fun of hi …