Makura Abukawa

Makura Abukawa 虻川枕

Makura Abukawa (1990–) was born in Miyagi Prefecture and graduated with a degree in scriptwriting from the Department of Cinema of Nihon University. He joined a game developer after graduation to work as a planner and scriptwriter, but subsequently resigned. He made his publishing debut in 2017 after winning the 2016 Poplar Fiction Prize for New Writers with the title Padoru no ko (Puddle Child).

Books by Makura Abukawa
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    Puddle Child

    When his only friend Miwa moves away, eighth-grader Kōtarō Mizuno begins spending the noon hour at school by himself on what he calls “the cottage”—the landing of the stairway that leads to the roof. One day in July, with summer vacation nearing, …