Shōko Amano

Shōko Amano 天野頌子

Shōko Amano was born in Nagasaki Prefecture and graduated from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies with a degree in German. She subsequently attended a novel-writing course, and made her publishing debut in 2005 with Keishichō Yūrei-gakari (Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Ghost Division). Her other titles include Shōjo manga-ka ga neko o kau wake (Why Girls’ Manga Artists Keep Pet Cats), Shinshi no tame no esute nyūmon (Introduction to Beauty Salons for Men), the Tama no nekomata sōdanjo (Tama the Split-Tailed Cat’s Advisory Service) series, and the Onmyō-ya (The Yin-Yang Shop) series.

Books by Shōko Amano