Akira Akagawa

Akira Akagawa 赤川明

Akira Akagawa (1960–)  was born in Tokyo. He is “captain” of the picture book production group Ehon Tankentai (lit. “picture book explorers”). His publishing debut came with Miageru to sora (Look Up and There’s the Sky) in 1995. His other titles include Kame kyoso (Tortoise Race), Ojisan to michi (The Man Befriended by a Street), Kame-san basu (Tortoise Bus), Watashi wa onigiri (I’m a Rice Ball), Tako shingo (Red Light Octopus), Tako no niwa (Octopus’s Garden), Datte, samui n dakara (Because It’s Cold), Ramen no kawa (Ramen River), Aisukuriimu tokechatta (The Ice Cream Melted), and Papa no shippo wa kyoryu no shippo!? (Papa Has a Dinosaur’s Tail).

Books by Akira Akagawa
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    Red Light Octopus

    A young octopus is out for a stroll on the seabed with his grandpa. “Walking with my grandpa!” the little one calls out, and “Walking with my grandson!” the elder echoes, both in high spirits. But along comes a huge school of fish, crowding the wa …