Masaharu Akaba

Masaharu Akaba 赤羽正春

Masaharu Akaba  (1952–)  is a specialist in folklore studies and archaeology. Born in Nagano Prefecture, he attended Meiji University and Meiji Gakuin University Graduate School before earning his doctorate at Niigata University. He has authored several works including Echigo Arakawa o meguru minzokushi (A Folkloric Record of the Echigo Arakawa River, 1991) and Nihonkai gyogyo to gyosen no keifu (The Genealogy of Japan Sea Fishing and Fishing Boats, 1998).

Books by Masaharu Akaba
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    Siberian People of the Forest

    What size population can nature sustain? Masaharu Akaba has made it his lifework to identify the minimum required for human survival, a question at the heart of this book on his fieldwork with the peoples of the Siberian forest. From discussions of basic …